TSKA TSKA is the product of designer, Tamara Wade. These are her thoughts on the creative inspiration behind the company:

“The passion I have for ease, drape, sex appeal and accessibility may have been born of my preoccupation with original expression and a desire to create clothing that spoke to my own needs. I kept meeting other women who shared my sensibilities, so I knew I could offer a tone and spirit I'd found missing in the fashion marketplace. After my years working as a fashion photographer, I’ve spent the last decade immersed in all aspects of apparel research, design and production, correcting, reworking and fine-tuning my design voice and product line. In that time my limited run pieces have grown into a much larger production (manufacturing domestically in California).

I want my designs to bring a facility and self-expression to the fast-paced collective that is urban living combined with natural living. It is this duality of global cosmopolitanism and comfort that I think today’s independent woman seeks. The TSKA TSKA woman is balancing an effortless poise with the complicated demands of everyday life. She is TSKA TSKA (happy) and has a natural curiosity about the world. She is me and she is you.”